Moving your control forward

Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)

Moving your Control Forward


Use our VFDs as a stand-alone product or integrated with our controllers

You can operate, monitor, or debug VFDs via the controller’s integrated HMI panel, or via Unitronics’ Remote Access, Web Server, or VNC connection using the controller programming software.

Simplify your workflow:

Variable Frequency Drives


From 0.4 kW and up to 110 kW (0.5 HP to 150 HP), built-in EMC  Filters, Mounting options: Wall, Flange, Rail, Sensorless Vector and Torque control,  STO (Safe Torque Off), built-in Braking units, Remote Access, monitor & debug your VFD via  Scope Trace.

VFD: Easy to Program. Simple to Use


Unilogic®– Award Winning All-In-One Studio Software

Program using the same software as our controller

Product Specifications

PowerInput Voltage200-240VAC, Single Phase
380-440VAC, Three Phase
200-240VAC, Single Phase
200-240VAC, Three Phase
380-480VAC, Three Phase
200-240VAC, Three Phase
380-480VAC, Three Phase
Input Frequency50/60Hz
Supported MotorsAsynchronous Induction Motors, Three Phase Input
Asynchronous Induction Motors,
Three Phase Input

Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors, Three Phase Input
Overload Capacity150%, 60 seconds
180%, 10 seconds
200%, 1 second
ControlControl MethodSVPWM (Space Vector PWM)
SVC (Sensorless Vector Control)
Control SettingMODBUS, Analog, Digital, PID, Pulse
CommunicationMODBUS RTU RS-485
KeypadFilm Keypad: <4kW (5HP)
Removable: ≥4kW (5HP)
Film Keypad: <4kW (5HP)
Removable: ≥4kW (5HP)
Removable: All power range
InputAnalog InputsTotal 2:
1 input 0-10V,
1 input 0-10V
Total 3:
2 inputs 0-10V, 0-20mA
1 input 0-10V
Digital InputsTotal 5:
4 inputs 1kHz
1 input 50kHz
Total 9:
8 inputs 1kHz
1 input 50kHz
OutputAnalog OutputsUp to 2: 1 output 0-10V,
0-20mA ≤2.2kW/3HP,
2nd output available from >2.2kW/3HP)
2 outputs 0-10V, 0-20mA
Digital Outputs1 output sink/sourceTotal 2: 1 output sink/source,
1 output 50kHz
Relay Outputs
Up to 2:
1 Programmable Multi-functional
2nd output available from
Total 2 Programmable Multi-functional outputs
FeaturesDynamic Braking UnitBuilt-in(≤37kW/50HP)Built-in(≤30kW40HP)
Optional (>37kW/50HP)Optional (>30kW/40HP)
EMCBuilt-in C3 (≥4kW/5HP), Comply with IEC/EN 61800-3Built-in C3, Comply with IEC/EN 61800-3
Optional C3 (<4kW/5HP), Comply with IEC/EN 61800-3
Optional C2, Comply with IEC/EN 61800-3
GeneralOperating Temperature(-10)°C/14°F – 50°C/122°F (de-rated by 1% for every 1°C/2°F above 40°C/104°F)
Altitude2000m/6600 ft (de-rated by 1% for every additional 100m/330ft above 1000m/3300ft)
Enclosure RatingIP20
Mounting OptionsWall and Rail (≤2.2kW/3HP)Wall, Flange
Wall and Flange (>2.2kW/3HP)
Safe Torque Off×
ComplianceCE, TÜV-SUD Safety MarkCE, UL and cUL

UMI-B1 Series - STO- TÜV SÜD certified

Article NumberRated Output Power kWRated Output Power HPInput Voltage
UMI-0004BE-B10.40.5200-240V Single Phase
UMI-0007BE-B10.751200-240V Single Phase
UMI-0015BE-B11.52200-240V Single Phase
UMI-0022BE-B12.23200-240V Single Phase
UMI-0007EE-B10.751380-440V Three Phase
UMI-0015EE-B11.52380-440V Three Phase
UMI-0022EE-B12.23380-440V Three Phase
UMI-0040EE-B145380-440V Three Phase
UMI-0055EE-B15.57.5380-440V Three Phase
UMI-0075EE-B17.510380-440V Three Phase
UMI-0110EE-B11115380-440V Three Phase
UMI-0150EE-B11520380-440V Three Phase
UMI-0185EE-B118.525380-440V Three Phase
UMI-0220EE-B12230380-440V Three Phase
UMI-0300EE-B13040380-440V Three Phase
UMI-0370EE-B13750380-440V Three Phase
UMI-0450EE-B14560380-440V Three Phase
UMI-0550EE-B15575380-440V Three Phase
UMI-0750EE-B175100380-440V Three Phase
UMI-0900EE-B190120380-440V Three Phase
UMI-1100EE-B1110150380-440V Three Phase

UMI- B1 Series - UL Certified

Article NumberRated Output Power kWRated Output Power HPInput Voltage
UMI-0004BU-B10.40.5200-240V Single Phase
UMI-0007BU-B10.751200-240V Single Phase
UMI-0015BU-B11.52200-240V Single Phase
UMI-0022BU-B12.23200-240V Single Phase
UMI-0004CU-B10.40.5200-240V Three Phase
UMI-0007CU-B10.751200-240V Three Phase
UMI-0007EU-B10.751380-480V Three Phase
UMI-0015EU-B11.52380-480V Three Phase
UMI-0022EU-B12.23380-480V Three Phase

UMI-B5 Series - UL Certified

Article NumberRated Output Power kWRated Output Power HPInput Voltage
UMI-0007CU-B50.751200-240V Three Phase
UMI-0015CU-B51.52200-240V Three Phase
UMI-0022CU-B52.23200-240V Three Phase
UMI-0040CU-B545200-240V Three Phase
UMI-0055CU-B55.57.5200-240V Three Phase
UMI-0075CU-B57.510200-240V Three Phase
UMI-0110CU-B51115200-240V Three Phase
UMI-0150CU-B51520200-240V Three Phase
UMI-0185CU-B518.525200-240V Three Phase
UMI-0220CU-B52230200-240V Three Phase
UMI-0300CU-B53040200-240V Three Phase
UMI-0370CU-B53750200-240V Three Phase
UMI-0450CU-B54560200-240V Three Phase
UMI-0550CU-B55575200-240V Three Phase
UMI-0015EU-B51.52380-480V Three Phase
UMI-0022EU-B52.23380-480V Three Phase
UMI-0040EU-B545380-480V Three Phase
UMI-0055EU-B55.57.5380-480V Three Phase
UMI-0075EU-B57.510380-480V Three Phase
UMI-0110EU-B51115380-480V Three Phase
UMI-0150EU-B51520380-480V Three Phase
UMI-0185EU-B518.525380-480V Three Phase
UMI-0220EU-B52230380-480V Three Phase
UMI-0300EU-B53040380-480V Three Phase
UMI-0370EU-B53750380-480V Three Phase
UMI-0450EU-B54560380-480V Three Phase
UMI-0550EU-B55575380-480V Three Phase
UMI-0750EU-B575100380-480V Three Phase
UMI-0900EU-B590120380-480V Three Phase
UMI-1100EU-B5110150380-480V Three Phase



File Name





File Name

VFD Optional Parts


Ubermorgen Innovations Gmbh:
“For me, most important is that I forgot that it is there - and it does its job, a very important job, controlling steam production for our factory.”
Coating Systems:
“We have found Unitronics to be one of those companies which inspire you to push the boundaries, we are reinventing a control system that has been around for many years on different platforms but with Unitronics we actively look to see how we can improve the product using the available technology but without it adding additional cost for our customers.”
Mar Cor Purification:
“The development process went a lot smoother due to the operator interface and PLC as one, and being programmed as one simultaneously…There are no annoying hurdles to jump, no additional communications software, communications hardware, or support costs. There is no burdensome software over protection getting in the way—just layout a design and build away!"
“The most cost effective and reliable way to fill the entry level PLC/HMI/SCADA bracket in the market.”
Aqua Interma Engineering:
“Among all automation the devices I work with, Unitronics is my favorite.”
“With a friendly development environment and unrivaled quality to price ratio, Unitronics PLC’s are the perfect solution – we highly recommend them!”
Imapsa Automation:
"With fast delivery times, and constantly updated software, Unitronics has always listened to our customers many requests, and have implemented them since we decided to start our automation division in 2001. Great support via both the technical support team and the Unitronics forum. And, of course, great price!"
Greenmove Technologies:
“The Unistream offers the right balance between functionality and simplicity and is therefore an ideal fit for our application. With the Unistream we succeed in running our ‘mini-factories’ at the locations of our customers.”
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