Samba™ Programmable Controllers Series

For Small Machines


A perfect fit for any small machine or simple project


Remote access, Alarms via Email & SMS, variety of communication interfaces & protocols, Recipe management, trends & data logging, Color HMI screens and more

Samba™ Hardware

Upgrade your low-end projects with an elegant HMI screen, without sacrificing PLC functionality. Samba™ programmable controllers offer a range of on-board I/O configurations. Offering a flat fascia, compliant with IP66/IP65/NEMA4X—Samba is an excellent fit for food & pharmaceutical applications.

VisiLogic™ - Vision™ & Samba Programming Software

All-in-One software enables you to:

Samba Series:

Samba™ 7"

PLC with 7″ color touchscreen HMI. Contains onboard I/O.

Samba™ 4.3"

PLC with 4.3″ color touchscreen HMI. Contains onboard I/O.

Samba™ 3.5"

PLC with 3.5″ color touchscreen HMI. Contains onboard I/O.

Ubermorgen Innovations Gmbh:
“For me, most important is that I forgot that it is there - and it does its job, a very important job, controlling steam production for our factory.”
Coating Systems:
“We have found Unitronics to be one of those companies which inspire you to push the boundaries, we are reinventing a control system that has been around for many years on different platforms but with Unitronics we actively look to see how we can improve the product using the available technology but without it adding additional cost for our customers.”
Mar Cor Purification:
“The development process went a lot smoother due to the operator interface and PLC as one, and being programmed as one simultaneously…There are no annoying hurdles to jump, no additional communications software, communications hardware, or support costs. There is no burdensome software over protection getting in the way—just layout a design and build away!"
“The most cost effective and reliable way to fill the entry level PLC/HMI/SCADA bracket in the market.”
Aqua Interma Engineering:
“Among all automation the devices I work with, Unitronics is my favorite.”
“With a friendly development environment and unrivaled quality to price ratio, Unitronics PLC’s are the perfect solution – we highly recommend them!”
Imapsa Automation:
"With fast delivery times, and constantly updated software, Unitronics has always listened to our customers many requests, and have implemented them since we decided to start our automation division in 2001. Great support via both the technical support team and the Unitronics forum. And, of course, great price!"
Greenmove Technologies:
“The Unistream offers the right balance between functionality and simplicity and is therefore an ideal fit for our application. With the Unistream we succeed in running our ‘mini-factories’ at the locations of our customers.”
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