From Simple PLC Control to Complex Machines

Integrated PLC+HMI makes for easy integration and painless monitoring

Summary: Schmachtl is a Unitronics distributor and system integrator based in Austria.  They standardized scanning systems, including bar code readers and quality control verification applications, with Unitronics programmable logic controller Vision1040.  This PLC features an integrated 10.4-inch HMI panel, programmed in a single software environment, for fast application development and an easy to use interfaced.

“Unitronics is a very reliable partner in selling PLCs. The cost/performance ratio and the great support are very important to win customers.” - Martin Scheuchenpflug

Schmachtl is a Unitronics distributor based in Austria.  They also offer services consulting and integrating industrial projects.  One of these projects is a series of scanning applications; they were designing systems that could read either bar codes or data matrix codes.  Additionally, they were working on scanning systems that could check the quality of products, including aspects like packaging, best-before date and size.

These systems require PLCs with large HMI panels; large displays are necessary to make these machines easy to use and the data easy to view and interpret.  Schmachtl decided the Unitronics Vision1040 would be the perfect controller for these applications.  This all-in-one controller offers a powerful, full-function PLC integrated with a 10.4-inch, color-touchscreen HMI panel.  Schmachtl gets both the precise control they need with the clear operator interface they wanted.

The Vision1040 is also easy to use and program.  Ladder logic, HMI design, communications configuration and other features are all programmed using Unitronics VisiLogic software.  Unitronics also offers a full set of software utilities, for features like remote access and data export, at no addtioanl cost.  Schmachtl engineers were confident in the success of the Vision1040 for these applications, as they have a lot of experience with Unitronics.  Martin Scheuchenpflug says, “Unitronics is a very reliable partner in selling PLCs.  The cost/performance ratio and the great support are very important to win customers.”