From Simple PLC Control to Complex Machines

PLC+HMIs outperform microcontrollers without breaking the bank

Summary: ErreDue manufactures gas production and purification equipment with a focus on accessibility and ease of use.  For a new product line of Hydrogen, Oxygen, and Nitrogen micro-generators, they integrated Unitronics PLC+HMI controllers.  These PLCs improved the operator experience, while offering greater functionality and reliability compared to competitors using microcontrollers.

ErreDue is an Italian company manufacturing equipment for generating and purifying gases.  They offer products with the goal of enabling their customers to produce gas on site, safely and efficiently, whether in a small laboratories or a massive factory. With their dedication to easy to use products and comprehensive support, ErreDue has become an industry leader.

ErreDue has been in the process of developing a new line of micro-generators for Hydrogen, Oxygen, and Nitrogen generation.  While most of their competitors use microcontrollers on similar product lines, ErreDue wanted to use PLC control; their engineers have used PLCs in the past and liked the reliability and flexibility of PLC control.  They wanted a control option that was compact without compromising usability and functionality.

“This device [Vison350], with an Ethernet port onboard, makes our generators better performing, more versatile and more innovative than our competitors’.” - Claudio D’Angelo, ErreDue

They selected a Unitronics Vision350; this all-in-one controller offers a full-function PLC integrated with a touchscreen HMI and onboard I/O.  The all-in-one approach added a lot of value for ErreDue.  They were able to integrate an easy-to-use HMI panel, a powerful CPU, I/O and Ethernet and serial communications without adding a lot of bulk to their system.

In addition to matching ErreDue’s physical requirements, the Vision350 programmable logic controller also offered impeccable performance.  Engineer Claudio D’Angelo raves that “this device, with an Ethernet port onboard, makes our generators better performing, more versatile and more innovative than our competitors’.” Most of ErreDue’s competitors use microcontrollers with monochrome LCD displays and membrane function keys, so the color touchscreen and function keys of the Vision350 were a major step up for the user interface and experience.  Additionally, the Vision350’s robust Ethernet and RS485 communications enabled the generator to be monitored and controlled remotely, with fast and reliable data exchange.

The Unitronics Vision350 programmable logic controller added a lot of value for ErreDue, without a lot of extra costs.  D’Angelo adds “the software programming is easy and intuitive. Technical support is fast, punctual, and reliable.”