From Simple PLC Control to Complex Machines

Why innovative Bsiatec of Austria selected UniStream

Austrian company Bsiatec GmbH, located near Salzberg, is an innovative young firm that produces and sells machinery and components for the food industries, particularly for dairy and brewing applications.

Bsiatec’s new bottle washing and filling machine needed a beautiful, big HMI display that would allow the machine’s end-users to easily enter data and communicate with the process.

The application also required full PLC functionality. In addition, space was a major consideration, and so a PLC + HMI integrated unit was the natural choice.

These requirements led them to UniStream 10.4 programmable logic controller (PLC + HMI  All-in-One) with a big, elegant 10″ HMI screen–Unitronics All-in-One UniStream, model USP-104-B10.

"Unitronics is a very reliable partner in selling PLCs. The cost/performance ratio and the great support are very important to win customers."

Although UniStream fulfilled the project requirements, what ultimately brought Bsiatec to select UniStream was a combination of other factors. They liked the ease of programming and time-saving features of UniLogic, UniStream’s programming environment. What clinched the deal was the excellent support Unitronics provided—presale, post-sale, and the readiness of the technical support team to help with setup and programming.